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Is it possible to get from Severobaikalsk to Olkhon Island?

During the season when Baikal is navigable by water (June-September), it is possible to get to Olkhon by boat on the hydrofoil «Comet,» which runs twice a week and costs 3700 rubles per person (as of 2009), or on a highspeed ship for 44,000 rubles. When planning a trip at this time of year, you should keep in mind that the reliability of water transportation greatly depends on local weather conditions. The «Comet» has also been known to occasionally be out of service.

It is generally possible to hike down the Western shore of Lake Baikal in about 15 days.

During the season when Lake Baikal is navigable by ice (February-March), it is possible to reach Olkhon Island by hovercraft, cross-country skis, iceboat (a high-tech sled with a sail), or car. Please be aware that automobile transportation is risky and demands a highly qualified driver.

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