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Challenges that you might encounter on the travel in winter

Winter in Siberia is a magical time but it also creates some very serious challenges, in particular the harsh cold. Please bear in mind that you might encounter these challenges on the travel;
  • A sharp drop in temperature and strong wind.
  • Broken terrain such as woods, climbs and drops that the group will cover on cross country skis.
  • Having to use an outdoor toilet.
Some of the areas that the travel will visit are in remote locations and in some cases accommodation and washing facilities may be very basic.
However, we will always do our upmost to ensure your warmth, comfort and above all, your safety.
We have compiled a list of recommended clothing so that you are prepared for all conditions that you might meet on the travel and to make sure that you can enjoy your time in the Siberian winter;
  • Polarised sunglasses, a high SPF sun block, hand cream and lip balm.
  • You should bring 2 hats;
  1. one for light weather or to wear while walking/skiing
  2. one to be worn during rest stops or in cases of very cold weather.
  3. both hats should cover your ears and forehead
  • Gloves;
  1. a thin base layer glove made from cotton or wool that can be worn while walking or skiing
  2. a thicker wind and waterproof glove or outer layer
  3. a pair of very warm gloves made from fur or any other wind proof material that can be worn in cases of very cold weather
  • 3 or 4 layers of upper clothing that can be worn in different combinations;
  1. a high quality thermal base layer (top and bottom)
  2. a wool or fleece middle layer
  3. an outer wind and water proof layer with a lined hood
  4. an additional layer of very warm clothing, made preferably with down or another warm insulating lining, to be worn during rest stops or in cases of very cold weather
  • Footwear and socks;
  1. thin cotton socks to be worn as a base layer
  2. wool socks
  3. warm insoles
  4. warm, durable, waterproof walking boots
  5. gaiters to stop snow from getting inside your walking boots
  6. at rest stops you can change into traditional and very warm Siberian footwear called Valenki
It might also be a good idea to bring a thermos so that you can keep a hot drink with you.

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